Starting your At-Home Yoga & Nia Practice

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Unroll your yoga mat at home. Create your dance floor. And begin to notice your personal connections to your practice advance, deepen and shine.

Below are some tips for kick-starting your at-home Yoga and Nia practice.

Time for just you and your flow....Home Style!

How I began

When I purchased my first personal yoga for $15 mat from TJ Max all those years ago, it only seemed natural to unroll it at home every now and again. So, the coffee table went into the kitchen and I lit a candle for no other reason than I like them. I didn't quite know how to free flow at that time because I was only practicing yoga or dancing at a gym or studio once or twice per week. My body knew it wanted to move more in this way. At the time, I had no idea how it would transform my mind and nourish my soul as well as work out my body. My beloved MTV Power Yoga with Kristin McGee and that well-rounded Power Yoga flow with Rodney Yee became my mainstays, my saviors between Auditions, Rehearsals, Teaching Artist work and random trips to the gym. Leaving home after a session of Yoga or Dance amid the New York City chaos, I felt more grounded and ready to breathe and go with the flow. That's when I knew, my home practice was here to stay.

Recommendations for beginning your at-home practice

  • If you haven't already, purchase yourself a yoga mat. I prefer Mats, but anything with some stickiness works. Eventually, you may end up spending more than you thought you ever would on a decent, sticky, thick mat. A high quality mat will help you stay in pose with more strength and it will suffer less wear and tear.

  • Borrow, buy or grab a device to stream the videos on. I love my IPad, but your Computer and even Smartphone work just fine.

  • Unless you have downloaded classes, you will want a Wifi connection.

  • If you are seeking Yoga Classes, Youtube actually has some gems if you have time to search. However, I would consider hooking yourself up with a Yoga Class Streaming Service. I prefer I joined for 1 year for $30 through They have wonderful instructors, classes of all levels and with your membership, you can download classes onto your device to use while you travel. My hubby and I practiced almost every day on our Honeymoon in Bali thanks to these downloadable classes!

  • Nia Dancers! You will love the new - they offer a free 15 day trial with $13 per month thereafter. Here, you will find phenomenal Nia Instructors, who always manage to bring their own unique spin to the practice. I really appreciate that.

  • Perhaps you are ready to commit to a regular Meditation Practice! Guess what? Good for you, you are practicing Yoga! Again, Youtube can be a mixed bag if you are seeking guided meditation, but you can find some winners if you have time to search. I like Apps that I can play from the IPad or Smartphone. "Headspace" is the most popular App out there but I did not find it as user friendly as "Insight Timer" . The timer here will record your daily meditations which you can share with family and friends - even strangers in your "community", if you would like. The nice variety of soft sounds I can choose from as well as ending chimes makes me happy. You can listen to guided meditations (and purchase some as well) and set yourself reminders. Insight Timer work for me, but you may resonate with one of the many others out there, Have some fun exploring when you find yourself surfing your phone one day. And understand that you are not alone if this commitment is hard to keep. A lot can come up emotionally when we take the time to get quiet and listen.

  • So, go ahead, move the furniture around! It is your sacred space to play. Be as meticulous as needed.

  • Tell your family and your family dog to "go play somewhere else for an hour".

  • Turn off your phone and, if you have the courage, put it in another room.

  • Light that candle, if that is your thing and get your movin' and groovin' home style sweat on!

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