Creating that Happy Yoga Studio Vibe

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

You know that wide open sensation you feel when in the presence of a body of water, shimmering and whispering in the sunlight. Or that uncertain feeling you have when you walk into an antique shop or a strange room and sense someone or something's dark energy? How about that balanced, happy vibe you get when you step into (or out of) your favorite yoga studio?

These easily perceptible energies exist. Einsteins theory of relativity shows us how energy and mass are interchangeable - when you use the word "energy" you are referring to the actual thing.

We can tap into these energies to help guide us towards a more peaceful existence and a higher frequency of personal energy. These good vibes will in turn positively effect all that we come into contact with, raising up their mojo and so on and so on. Because remember, "I just don't like the energy of that person or that place" is a thoroughly acceptable reason to walk away. It may be a balancing act, but we can always choose what energy we let in and what type of energy we share with others.

Our Yoga Trekkers Studio, aka "Our Nest"

So, what is the ideal Vibe of your favorite Yoga or Dance Studio?

No matter where you are on your movement class journey, I highly recommend you take the time to investigate this question. Hold an interview with your answers. What you discover will perhaps guide you deeper into your practice of Yoga and Dance.

Seek out your ultimate vibe. It is out there, waiting for you to find it.

My Quest for answers brought some hearty smiles to my face. Among my 20 years of yoga and dance practice, nothing makes my heart sing like practicing outdoors! Nature pulses at such a high frequency of energy that when my senses and movements tune into the rhythms of that environment, I literally feel a true sense of peace and oneness with all beings.

I can reach this heightened state indoors at times too, but I noticed those "Aha!" classes happened more frequently in a clean, organized, balanced, beautiful studio - the more windows the better. In fact, it's those windows that bring natural light and a view into the outdoors that send me.

Like my beloved Yoga Agora (pictured here) in Astoria, where I often floated out onto the streets of Broadway. Despite these windows being opened (or closed) on this bustling Queens street, I found that connecting with the outside (perhaps a pigeon or someone's laughter) elevated my practice. Plus, the Instructors were amazing. And classes were $5! And it was three subway stops away from home.

But now we have Our Nest, with front and rear windows and light and a treetop view of the outdoors - waiting to welcome and soak up your divine energy.

and beautiful reminders to create balance, happiness and positive energy....

And we get to Hike and Practice together in my favorite studio of all - the Great Outdoors!

Yoga Trekkers, I simply can't wait!

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